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How can I contact OGlights?

Call OGlights at 307-264-2078. 307-264-2078
Email OGlights at
Text or call OGlights with Signal (free, encrypted messaging app for iOS or Android) at 307-264-2078. 307-264-2078
Chat or share files with OGlights through Keybase (free, open source security app) at

The OGlights PGP Public Key is at Keybase and also here.

Why buy OGlights?

Through deep horticulture lighting science knowledge and commercial LED manufacturing expertise, we’re solving the grow lighting quality crisis by delivering commercial growers the most reliable LED grow lights.

What is the OGlights LED light maintenance?

The OGlights LED L95 (hours to 95% of initial output) is 50,000+ hours, or more than 11 years at 12 hours per day. In contrast, after 50,000 hours, other LEDs drop to 70% of initial output.

Do OGlights contain fans?

OGlights use zero fan passive cooling to avoid light interruptions that can hurt crop value. Tactics for the passive defeat of heat include: custom LED holders with NASA-certified high performance thermal interface materials; full-fixture-as-heat-sink design; and obsessive attention to detail through all stages of design, engineering, manufacturing, and quality control processes.

OGlights Solid State Cooling.

Can I use OGlights in a commercial grow?

Yes. For compliance with the National Electric Code, OGlights are ETL listed (conforms to UL 1598) for wet locations.

ETL listed (conforms to UL 1598) for wet locations. Tested by Intertek.

High voltage input (277-480 V) is an option for all OGlights. Operating at high voltage is more efficient and may permit substantially more light generation with a site’s existing electrical infrastructure.

What is the coverage area?

For each grow light we provide Photosynthetic Photon Flux (“PPF”) in micromoles per second (mol/s) over both 400-700 and 380-780 nanometers (nm) wavelengths. The former reflects the academic standard definition of PPF; the latter range recognizes the presence of far red wavelengths (701-780 nm) that also contribute to photosynthesis.

While PPF conveys the light generating capability of a grow light, PPFD relates PPF and a coverage area. Over 1 square meter (i.e. 10.76 square feet or a 3.28 foot x 3.28 foot canopy), by definition the Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (“PPFD” in mol per meter squared per second) equals the value of PPF.

As an example, to convert PPF to PPFD for a 4 foot x 4 foot space (16 square foot or 1.49 square meters), divide PPF by 1.49.

PPFD is superior to watts per square foot due to the wide variation in quality and efficiency among grow lights.

Coverage and PPFD targets vary based on grower objectives, strain/genetics, application, environment, CO2 concentrations, and other elements of grow room design.

For a custom recommendation, contact us.

What are the optics?

All OGlights include an IP67 optical assembly with medical-grade silicone delivering precision light delineation. Silicone optics achieve superior performance relative to glass and will not degrade like exposed HPS/MH reflectors.

Where are OGlights designed and manufactured?

United States of America.

What are typical lead times?

See the Ordering tab on product pages for current product-specific manufacturing lead time estimates.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free to the contiguous United States.

For Hawaii, Alaska, or international shipping quotes, contact us.

Does collect sales tax?


How do credit card purchases appear on statements?

Credit card purchases appear as SP * OGLIGHTS.COM.

Are OGlights tested before shipment?

Yes. In addition to Intertek’s extensive ETL testing, one step in our quality assurance process is running all grow lights for a 24 hour “burn-in” period before shipment to the customer.

OGlights burn-in

What do the shipping boxes look like?

Packages are shipped via FedEx or UPS in nondescript, industrial-grade packaging with a do not double stack sticker.

For your reference, the shipper/sender name contains the characters “led” but does not reference or grow lights. Grow light documentation is provided electronically.

Do OGlights output purple light?

No. The science supporting blue/purple lights is lacking. Instead of undisclosed proprietary spectrums, we use well-specified top bin Cree LEDs emitting proven spectrums of 3500 kelvin (“warm white”) and 5000 kelvin (“cool white”) color temperatures to replace legacy HPS and MH lights for full-cycle/flowering and vegetative applications, respectively. Both spectrums track well with estimated photosynthetic response curves.

Further, from a human vision perspective, OGlights “full spectrum white” light (admittedly a misnomer) is extremely high quality (color rendering index (“CRI”) of 70 or greater) and allows for improved plant observation and care.

What are installation/mounting options?

For easy install and height adjustment, lights ship with a commercial-grade suspension kits that include: two 15 foot pre-looped galvanized steel cables with stainless steel ball bearings and brass grippers.

Can the lights be daisy chained?


How much cooling is needed?

Each LED grow light system watt generates ~3.41 British Thermal Units per hour (BTU/h), a standard unit of heat. A typical cooling recommendation is 5 BTUs per watt with adjustments up or down depending on geography/climate, other non-lighting grow room equipment, and grow room design. Cooling equipment is often specified in refrigeration tons, which equals ~12,000 BTUs.

Do you accept bitcoin/cryptocurrencies?

Yes. The following cryptocurrencies are integrated into checkout:
- Bitcoin (BTC) via BitPay or GoCoin
- Litecoin (LTC) via GoCoin

We also accept BTC and LTC payments directly outside of Additional cryptocurrencies that we accept directly:
- Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
- Monero (XMR)
- Ethereum (ETH)
- Ethereum Classic (ETC)
- Dash (DASH)
- Zcash (ZEC)
- Dogecoin (XDG)
- Ripple (XRP)
- Stratis (STRAT)

For more information on any of these options, please contact us.

Are OGlights eligible for utility rebates?

This varies by utility, but typically yes. If you have questions, contact us and we’ll confirm rebate requirements of your utility.

Should I wear protective eyewear?







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